“The Invisible Cities” written by Italo Calvino is a collection of 55 cityscapes. Less a description of real cities, it is more a playground for the imaginary of that which should not be forgotten from the forms of possible cities. Calvino’s cities become symbols of human existence, its contradictions and paradoxes.
“Kleine  Utopien” shows three of Calvino’s utopian cityscapes (Olinda, Isaura, Tamara) in the context of four imaginary cityscapes conceptualized by Petra Schnakenberg (Miriam, Ava, Sina, Nora). In this work, the models of cities like Paris and Vienna will be presented in an abstracted form, their modified city plans reinvented in such a way as to always allow new stories and situations to arise. The fragments of city life become represented through the medium of the display “model.”

Photos: Alice Dal Ballo

Olinda and Miriam
Isaura and Ava
Tamara and Sina