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How do we want to live together? What would life be like in a city under water? Could we live in a city without a center? Which utopia could find its way into our everyday lives? For more than three years the scenographer Petra Schnakenberg has been dealing with the questions of living together and constructing cityscapes in miniature. Sometimes utopian and against the laws of nature, sometimes not so far removed from reality. Initially inspired by texts from Italo Calvino's "The Invisible Cities," she now describes her own utopian cityscapes which she transforms into an (architectural) model.

Kleine Utopien is a pilot project for a series of utopian city tours created by Petra Schnakenberg in collaboration with various companies and performers in Europe (currently Austria, France and Switzerland)

Performers: Pauline Boireau (France) / Chantal Dubs (German-speaking countries)

Light Design: Titiane Barthel

Photos: Alice Dal Ballo

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