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“By the year 2055 the human has so intensely polluted the earth's oxygen supply that the possibility of breathing fresh air in a city, in a metropolis, is next to impossible. Those who dare to leave their home without an oxygen mask suffocate within minutes. To survive in this new age, the people have two options: Either to wear oxygen masks that filter even the thickest pollution particles, a course of action even the poorest can take, or the wearing of plants on the body as a way to synthetically supply pure air. This privilege of such a pristine oxygen supply however, is one only for the rich and the beautiful. Now, the daily routine is to acquire these life giving plants. My friend over there sells a substrate of Water Air for water plants. Water plants... another new trend. I am a Fresh Air vendor at the leading corporation McBreathy and sell Ocean Air. One does not become rich from this job, but it keeps me above water. Oxygen is the new nutrition. The privilege of breathing fresh air is heaven on earth.”

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